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We are a digital product consultancy working across the web and mobile. We support the successful businesses of the future, enabling them to discover, design, and develop the technologies that will put them ahead of the competition. our success has been achieved through a strong dedication to our core values.

  • At the heart of what we do is our commitment to putting our customers first. We believe in providing personal service by translating complex technology into convenient productized services that are delivered by our skilled and responsive people.
  • Our objective is to exceed our customers' response time expectations. We aim to set superior standards of responsiveness, treat all customers consistently, and act competently and with due diligence.
  • We are a digital product consultancy working across the web and mobile. We support the successful businesses of the future, enabling them to discover, design, and develop the technologies that will put them ahead of the competition.
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At Codevisor, we provide a genuinely affordable service without compromising on quality. We carry pride in the satisfaction of our clients.

Web Design

Often, businesses require an online presence to showcase their products and services. We provide a high quality and cost effective solutions for your business needs. We don’t just design! We will be on a journey with you.

Application Services

A practical, modern organization with the right tools and practices can transform your organization by providing seamless integrations between your employees and your customers or consumers of your goods/services. From the development of new applications, through modernization, management and maintenance, we cover all stages of the application lifecycle.

Mobile App

We help companies leverage technology's power by developing cutting-edge mobile apps with the excellent user experience across all platforms and mobile devices. We use an iterative and thorough approach encompassing strategy, user research, design, and software development, and we built it right—the first time.

Data & Analytics

A data and analytics strategy is foundational for any business transformation. We help you establish solid and responsible practices that set the stage for growth. We use innovative machine learning solutions and advanced data analytics to help organizations deliver superior outcomes, minimize pain points and rapidly modernize their operations.


Speed of innovation, security at scale, and reliability are among the critical considerations of moving to the Cloud. Migration to the cloud is vital for companies looking to achieve digital transformation and exploit growth opportunities while preparing for disruption.

Managed IT Services

Businesses need to keep their goals running at optimal performance, and your IT systems and technology play a pivotal role in ensuring that. We help to keep your employees productive, efficient and focused on meeting your customers’ needs.

Delivering Ambitious Digital Experiences

Our team will help you grow and protect your business by maximizing your online presence with fully integrated services. We are here to support the whole product development lifecycle.

Ecommerce Store

Approach targeted customers with brand new technology by inaugurating an online marketplace, which displays all your products aids data management and online transactions directly to the bank. An eCommerce store is the all-in-one solution to set up your business name online, achieve greater heights, and move ahead from your competitors.

Systems Architecture

From operating systems, backend and frontend, programming languages, frameworks, modules and dependencies we known them well. Our teams have years of experience integrating and developing across the end to end stack. We can evaluate options based on cost, time to market, implementation risk, performance, scaling, and security considerations.

Legacy application modernization

In-house software optimization without external assistance isn’t the best choice due to its pitfalls. Get professional help related to modernization, migration, and other outsource software development services. We start with an audit of your existing solutions to identify the core tech gaps. Based on this, you get tailored suggestions that may lead to different offerings: software decommissioning, implementation of new solutions, data migration, upgrades that enable new values.

Network Security

Network Security is vital in protecting client data and information, keeping shared data secure, ensuring reliable access and network performance, and protecting from cyber threats. A well-designed network security solution reduces overhead expenses and safeguards organizations from costly losses that occur from a data breach or other security incident. Ensuring legitimate access to systems, applications and data enable business operations and the delivery of services and products to customers.

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